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Advantages and the course of sales
Our hotline for your questions: +49 30 / 6805 3303

Catalytic converter sales with us are …

  • … more transparent
    With Internet auctions you know only at the end, how much your catalytic converter has earned you. With us you can calculate with guaranteed fixed prices.
  • … more pleasant
    No long queues in the scrap yard. No waiting period.
  • … more fair
    Our buying prices of catalytic converters are oriented on the current-day market price for the precious metals board, palladium, and rhodium. Our 4-day fixed price guarantee protects you, besides, against bad surprises.
  • … more practical
    Wrap up your catalytic converter in a package – and the job is done.
  • … more comfortable
    Check in your catalytic converter online – send – receive money. Nothing's more easy!
  • … faster
    Within 48 hours on receipt of your package the Transfer with your credit goes out to you.
  • … cheaper
    No travel expenses. No set fees!

This is how the catalytic converter sale works …

  • Setup of a new seller's account
    First you set up a personal seller's account in our catalytic converter shop. On this occasion, the relevant data (which can be changed by you at any time) are registered for the (current) sale (and eventual future sales). With your seller's account you have access to already effected sales and their states.
  • Input data of your sale.
    There are two ways which lead to the goal:
    • Take a photo of your catalytic converter – e.g., with your mobile phone – and send us the picture by e-mail, with as much information as possible about the specification of the make of car and – if you know – the type and the construction year of the vehicle, for a free classification to <>. We'll reply at short notice to your e-mail (usually within 15-120 min.) and tell you the matching classification(s) from S (small) to 5 XL (gigantically large) which you can register then in the category SORTED BY VALUE.
    •   or
    • Select your catalytic converter from the illustrated categories of Audi (and VW) to Volvo by yourself. (In case you select the wrong type that poses no problem: We'll get in contact with you once we got your product and inform you of our appraisal. Then you decide whether we should send back your catalytic converter to you on our expense or whether we should buy it for our estimated price.)
  • For every product of our buying range an input field is provided to indicate the quantity (in pieces). First choose the corresponding product and input the quantity in the respective field. Afterwards you click on the button "Sell Now". Now the chosen product is in your sales basket and is indicated on the page's left side. After you have registered all the products of your sale it is finished. Finally click on the button "Close the sale" in the basket of goods.
  • Your sale's cart
    After conclusion of the sale the sale's cart is shown in change mode. Here indications of quantity can be modified or products can be deleted. Click on the button "Checkout" to reach the next step.
  • Dispatch kind selection
    In the next step you can determine the desired dispatch kind. Currently there are two dispatch kinds to chose from:
    • a) With the LOOKER.DE DHL-shipping label you can send very big and heavy packages to us. More details about using the DHL-shipping label you'll find in our conditions of use.) You'll receive a link to where you can print out the shipping label in the DHL portal with the confirmation message immediately after conclusion of the sale.
    • b) Own dispatch
  • To continue the sales process you click on the button "Continue".
  • Select mode of payment
    In the next step you can select how the payment to you should be transfered. Currently there are three ways of payment for you to choose from:
    • a) Transfer to a bank account.
    • b) Transfer to a paypal account.
    • c) EU Transfer (only for payments abroad).
  • Click on the button "Continue" after you've made your choice.
  • Confirmation
    All your inputs are shown once again and you can make any necessary changes. Please read our sales terms and confirm your consent. You finalise your sale by clicking the button "Confirm Sale". Afterwards you will receive a confirmation message immediately with the agreed products, amounts, prices as well as information regarding the shipment.
  • After the shipment …
    Provided that you've used our DHL shipping label you can track your shipment by means of the delivery code on the package receipt at the DHL portal ( After your package has arrived at our place, you'll receive the agreed upon sales revenue on your given bank account in a flash.


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